A good friend of mine and a wonderful specialist is hosting a Free Webinar:

Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care

Cynthia Perthuis, Elder Care Strategist and head of the New York office of Senior Care Authority, will offer valuable insights and tips in this free session on how to be strategic about planning for long-term care. Followed by Q & A.
When: Thursday, April 18
Time: 1 PM to 2 PM
Cost: FREE

 To register, click on the link below. 


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Driving is one of the most sensitive topics for caregivers of elderly. Driving is all about independence and it is one of the most emotional things for a senior to give up. Furthermore, it is hard to get around most of US without a car. So giving up your driving will almost always mean a need for relocation to a different type of living environment, which means leaving your home.

There are different signs and warnings that alert you that an elderly driver is having difficulty.

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When a couple owns a pet, the owners can assume that the survivor will continue caring for their pet (although that’s not necessarily true, at least in my own situation). What happens when a single person owns a pet? In 49 states (Minnesota is the only state that does not permit this) you can now create a pet trust.

A pet trust permits the grantor to set aside a certain amount of money to care for the pet upon the owner’s disability or death. The trustee of the trust will make regular payments to the pet caregiver. The grantor can make specific instructions regarding the care of the pet, including shelter, feeding and veterinary care.

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