Animals shelters often see beloved pets suddenly homeless because of the death of their owners and failure to plan properly. And while there may be more people willing to rescue a dog, but what about a horse or a lizard?

One way of planning properly for the care of a pet is to leave some designated money for the benefit of a shelter, to be used specifically in the care of your pet. This way, if anyone adopts the pet, the shelter can use the money to reimburse the new owner for the pet’s care. Of course, you should carefully research the shelter and ensure that they agree to this type of a plan.

Another way of doing it is to set up a Trust in your Will, designating both a caregiver and some money to a pet. But it must be done properly – you cannot leave money directly to a pet (since dogs are not allowed to own property). So if you want to ensure that your pet is taken care of, it must be done either through a Trust, through a shelter, or directly to a caregiver (who you hope will use the money for the care of your pet).

Planning ahead for the care of your animal will relief stress for pet owners who are elderly, live alone, or have animals that can live a long time. When setting up the rest of your plan, discuss our wishes for your pet!

Disclaimer: This article only offers general information.  Each situation is unique. It is always helpful to talk to a specialized attorney, to figure out your various options and ramifications of actions.  As every case has subtle differences, please do not use this article for legal advice. Only a signed engagement letter will create an attorney-client relationship.