It’s a New Year. People are trying to fulfill their new resolutions about money,  weight loss and projects.

I would suggest a resolution about friends.

It is well known that seniors who are isolated are more likely to be sick and depressed. We all need companions, if only to complain to about our health and current politics.  Take some steps this year to combat loneliness.

If you are a senior: make sure that you see people. If your friends are far away, then make new ones. You can find new and interesting people through 1. volunteering, 2. becoming involved in your religious organization and 3. travelling in groups for seniors.

If you are a child with parents who are seniors you can: 1. call and visit more often, or 2. help your parents find new companions. You can help by encouraging your parents to call and visit their friends. You can also help by encouraging them to take part  in meaningful activities, such as going to theater,  volunteering,  and inviting friends over.

Make this new year filled with interesting conversations and shared experiences.