Property partnership may end for a variety of reasons. One common category of circumstances when real estate litigation occurs involves siblings who inherit property from their parents and have different wishes.

Multiple problems can arise.   One sibling may want to live in the property while the other one wants to rent it out. Alternatively, one sibling may want to cash out and sell the property while the other may want to keep it. The sibling who wants to keep the property may not have the money to buy the other sibling out. Furthermore, the siblings may not agree on the property’s value.

One alternative for establishing the value of the property is to hire three appraisers and take the average of their given values. Of course, the appraisers cost money.

The better alternative is to structure your bequest in a way that avoids potential conflicts amongst the siblings. No parent wants to believe that their children will fight after their death, but unfortunately it happens all the time. First, Wills and Trusts can be written such that the real estate will be given to one child while the other assets will be given to the other. Another alternative is to provide in your Will or a Trust that real estate should be sold within a year of death and proceeds should be distributed equally amongst the beneficiaries.

Disclaimer: This article only offers general information.  Each situation is unique. It is always helpful to talk to a specialized attorney, to figure out your various options and ramifications of actions.  As every case has subtle differences, please do not use this article for legal advice. Only a signed engagement letter will create an attorney-client relationship. ATTORNEY ADVERTISING